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A Haiku About a Talk of the Town About Haiku About Cardboard Boxes

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New York sweltering
Sweet and cool relief arrives:
Zesty fall-themed Talk

Haiku leave so little room for exposition! Also, too much like ad copy, too iambic in the 7, and not strictly accurate. Besides, who ever heard of the third line of a haiku being a hyperlink, except maybe at Brown? How about:

Trees lose last few leaves
Free boxes for poetry?
Turn toward Craigslist

I couldn't let this week pass without pointing out that in the current issue there's a Talk of the Town about poems written on—not on as in with a permanent marker on, but in the sense of "about"—moving boxes. (Moving-boxes, that is, not gerund object.) And that Talk is written by Tom Bartlett, a pal whose Minor Tweaks is a consistent source of amusement, reassurance in the occasional sanity of man, and the backs of strangers' heads. I love this story; public poetry is going around, I think. Remember that mathematical puzzle-formula that inspired a poetical internet explosion? (Don't make me say meme.)

Only semi-unrelated: The History Boys! Go see it!

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