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Ellroy's Three Answers

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I'm extremely thrilled about the upcoming movie of James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia, to be released in September. With Scarlett Johansson (see the Emdashes Island review), as I'm sure you know, and a fine choice, since she's one of the few actually beautiful, genuinely mysterious actresses in Hollywood. Here's a brief interview with Ellroy in PW ("Aberrant behavior is seductive, there’s that. And noir is the prism through which we visit the recent past"). Looks like there's another Dahlia retelling afoot, too, which IMdB says is "undergoing audio sweetening." That might not be enough to counteract the Brian De Palma factor, but I say show them as a grisly double feature. There aren't enough movie pairings going on, in general.

The New Yorker connection? Find it and you get a prize!

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