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The Republican Playbook: I Want It

Filed under: Headline Shooter

Tall drink of water and good egg (don't think too hard about that pair of metaphors) Andy Borowitz has a book coming out in October that I'm totally jazzed about—The Republican Playbook (Hyperion, $16.95), a document stolen right from under the nose of President Thimblebrain and published just in time for the fall feudfest. From the PW review: "A Republican-to-English glossary translates 'personal responsibility' to 'welfare cuts' and 'My fellow Americans' to 'My fellow evangelical Christians.' More silly, but still amusing, is a 'Democrat to French conversion chart,' rendering Joseph Biden as 'Giscard Boudin.' " Pre-order, pronto. Borowitz thinks he might just have time to do a little Emdashes Q & A, so look forward to that.

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