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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Nancy Franklin

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No answers yet to the query posed here recently: Where is Nancy Franklin, and why is Tad Friend (the excellent Tad Friend, but still) writing the TV reviews? I know someone reading this knows.


We were wondering too.

And we were also wondering, in case one-who-knows IS reading this, if Tad Friend wrote an article in Details in the mid-nineties about growing up in Torrance.

Hey, Emdashes, forget Franklin. She’s no big loss. I notice Hertzberg isn’t around either. Perhaps they ran off together. What I really think is that Remnick is clearing out the deadwood. Rebecca Mead will be next. Am I being too harsh? Not at all. It’s a tough world. When you’ve got a guy in your line-up who can write about TV exactly the way Kael wrote about movies - intuitively, libidinously, avidly - you’ve got to go with him. Christ, after reading Friend’s last review, I wanted to see “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” even though I hate TV. Forget Franklin. One of the best writers in the world is now writng weekly for the magazine. Yeah, baby!

Ditto his piece on James Woods’s new show.

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