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Not exactly Irvin Type—not Irvin Type at all—but Irvin-related: artist Daniel Adel’s amphibian version of the original (tongue-in-cheek, etc.) E.T. Adel has actually contributed to The New Yorker, so as you can see, it’s a meta-Quaker Oats, post-postmodern Circle Game moment for me. Thanks to the multitalented Newyorkette (who reviews a giant history of Vogue in the new issue of PRINT) for the tip!

And now for the fairness and balance for which Emdashes is known: Here’s someone’s story about cranky readers of the magazine. I’d be cranky too if someone did to me what this person claims to have done to someone’s blissful magazine-reading experience, and if I ever catch them doing it, I’ll show them what real crankiness looks like!

For the record, I don’t believe for a second that any New Yorker readers are shoving people on the subway. I think they’re absorbed and distracted, dulling the pain of their stifling routine with mesmerizing (if horrifying) pieces about our impending water catastrophe; also funny cartoons. You should try it sometime, haughty nose-thumber of the “intelligentsia.” It really helps!


Ahem. I personally have shoved many people on the subway. And whacked them with my The New Yorker magazine, right on the snout, and shouted, “Bad dog!” at them.
(just kidding! ha ha!)
I think most TNY readers are the shove-ees, actually, because they’re so engrossed. But I have a theory: perhaps the ones that shove have realized they’re about to miss their stop, and are trying to run for the door? Most shovers are actually just innocent klutzes.

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