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Funniest Cartoon This Week

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“New Cocktails” by Sam Means, p. 84. The Jason Patterson drawing (p. 80), which is strange and spooky, is also good. (Here are all the current cartoons.)

This post to be expanded as I see fit, with my favorite pieces, etc., from last week and what I’m looking forward to reading first this time around. But I can tell you now that my favorite cartoon from last week was Drew Dernavich’s “How were you supposed to know he was the sex critic for the ‘Times’?” I also liked “Mind if I change melons?” (Peter Mueller), “You can’t spend your political life hiding behind being Canadian” (William Haefeli), and “Am I having an affair? Why? Am I allowed?” (Carolita Johnson). Ed Koren, I always like.

By the way, I just opened my email to find that “New Cocktails” is also the magazine’s own Cartoon of the Week, which is a coincidence, but also suggests that everyone can see how funny it is.


The deadpan descriptions (“Doorman talking to call girl as he prepares to announce her arrival”) are at least as funny as the cartoons themselves.

My favorite piece in The Media Issue is Ben McGrath’s “It Should Happen To You.” McGrath’s writing has quickness, freshness, fizz! It’s the only piece in that issue that grabbed me. I was surprised when I turned to the “Contributors” page to find he’d been omitted. What, is McGrath not considered a contributor? Is he being taken for granted? I hope not because right now he’s one of the magazine’s hottest writers.

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