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If You Think Life Is Sad, This Is the Instant Remedy

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You might not have heard of Mike Birbiglia, but you’re in for a huge treat tomorrow night. He’s appearing at Mo Pitkin’s, and that is very lucky for all of us. People, don’t think. Just buy tickets (a mere $10, a small price to pay for the restoration of your faith in the healing power of laughter). If for some reason you need to be convinced further, listen to a few routines on his website or watch some Letterman, Conan, etc. appearances on YouTube. The details:

Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal Live

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2007 9:00 PM EDT (8:30 PM Doors) at Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A

Every week comedian Mike Birbiglia writes a new entry in his Secret Public Journal for thousands of subscribers online. Once in a while, he bring them to life with the help of special guests like Andrew Secunda and [completely absurd] Christian Rock duo God’s Pottery. This will be a very special night.



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