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New Yorker News of the Day in a Couple of Quick Couplets

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Jerome Groopman’s an expert in How Doctors Think;
to diagnose a celiac, it’s smart to see links.

Those married philosophers from a few issues back
study truth, mind, and mystery. They have a knack.

(I’m glad to see that piece getting a bit of attention. I think it’s one of the most fascinating long profiles I’ve read in months, and superb writing by Larissa MacFarquhar.)

The New Yorker Conference? They’d like to know more.
At Dr. Freud’s house, you’ll roll on the floor.

(That is, there’s now an exhibit of New Yorker shrink cartoons hanging in Freud’s house. It’s good to explicate one’s own verse, don’t you think? Leaves no room for irresponsible critical misinterpretation.)


I really do love your couplet technique.
In the words of Cole Porter, “C’est magnifique!”

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