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Yglesias: New York Has Good Bad Chinese Food

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Political blogger Matthew Yglesias and some of his commenters confirm Jeffrey Goldberg’s observation in his March 19 TOTT that Washington, D.C., has some pretty awful Chinese food. Anyone care to confirm? As he notes, “bad Chinese food” is a subset of Chinese food, and some of it can be quite good—New York has plenty. The problem is that D.C.’s bad Chinese food is Atrocious. According to Yglesias, this is an example of what makes The New Yorker so good. It’s the observational reporting, stupid.

(Any typos in this post should be considered my humble hommage to Ylgesias.)

—Martin Schneider


I’m sorry to say I haven’t been able to take bad Chinese food, even good bad Chinese food, ever since I lived in the West Village near Baby Buddha. It was so fresh and un-toxic-tasting, with vegetables straight from the market, that I can’t bear the sticky, generic chemical-laden stuff anymore.

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