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You Will Now Vote for The New Yorker to Win the Webby for Best Copy/Writing

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Do it! Here’s how. True, you have to sign up, but it takes two seconds and it’s an adorable interface. Vote for a bunch of other things, too, of your choosing—or, if you prefer, of my choosing: various NPR and Guardian sites and podcasts, Threadless, Design Observer, Kinetic, The Office, The Museum of Kitschy Stitches, the Shortbus site, COLOURlovers, Beliefnet, Flickr, The School of Visual Arts, The Colbert Report, Salon, Moleskine, The Library of Congress, We Feel Fine, the Smithsonian Photography Initiative, the Poetry Foundation, &c. But this one isn’t optional! That’s how it’ll look when you’re done, after the jump (click to enlarge). Vote now; winners announced Tuesday, May 1, the same day as the National Magazine Awards—it’s a big, big day all around.

Update: Voting is now closed, but prayer, voodoo, and OCD tricks are certainly worth a try!



Yes, vote for the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast!

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