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Apologies to Mick Stevens, and all religions. And kudos to Burkhard Bilger for writing such a kick-ass piece about visionary guitar builders. I was in Wolcott, Vermont, or thereabouts, yesterday and saw a sign for a custom guitar shop; I wonder if that guy knows Ken Parker, the subject of Bilger’s profile (not a Profile, I know, but it’s kind of a profile anyway)?

Here’s the original cartoon to which I refer in my Photoshop adulteration there. Wasn’t it in the magazine just a few months ago rather than in 1999, or am I confusing dates and times again? It does happen.


Oh, yeah. The original cartoon is mine, mine, mine! And yes, it came out a long time ago, maybe before the guitar was invented, even.

Appropriation is the (new) sincerest form of flattery.


Definitely. I laughed a lot at your cartoon the first time it appeared—was it really that long ago? I have no sense of time—and then I laughed anew at the irresistible joke to be made here. So thanks for both! I like the idea that this Shaker guy is inventing an even more radical guitar, with four necks and a flat body, than even Ken Parker has ever dreamed of.

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