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What’s that? You say you wouldn’t be able to pick David Denby out of a police lineup? Don’t know what Peter Schjeldahl looks like either? Friend, I hear you.

How fortunate that the Charlie Rose program, which is probably the closest thing to The New Yorker on television (nothing closer comes to mind), has suddenly decided to slap most of its past shows onto its website. There’s so much great stuff! (I love Charlie, but he does talk too much. Still, what mainstream show can boast such a high standard of discourse?)

See, in living color, audio tracks in full synchronization with the moving image, full of sound and fury, passion and reason, the following notable personages (many of them several times):

Roger Angell
Tina Brown
David Remnick
Malcolm Gladwell (Bonus: you can watch his hair expand with the years)
Adam Gopnik
Hendrik Hertzberg
Nicholas Lemann
Anthony Lane
David Denby
Jerome Groopman
Jeffrey Toobin
Atul Gawande
Seymour Hersh
John Seabrook
Nancy Franklin
John Lahr
Steve Martin
Dave Eggers
Peter Schjeldahl
Calvin Tomkins
John Updike
Brendan Gill
Calvin Trillin
Philip Gourevitch
Lawrence Wright

… as well as countless other writers and artists with a relationship to the magazine (e.g., Annie Proulx, Ian McEwan, Annie Leibovitz).

—Martin Schneider

Note: When I first posted this, I did not realize that on the show’s website itself, the user is apparently constricted in terms of screen size and also the ability to zip forward and backward (you can pause). The show’s partner in this archival effort is Google Video, where you can see the shows at a more normal size, can fast-forward, and so on. —MCS


I’d watch it just to hear how “Schjeldahl” is pronounced.

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