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As Chicago once sang, it’s getting bloggier every day: newyorker.com has added blogs by Dana Goodyear (“Postcard From Los Angeles”) and Hendrik Hertzberg. The latter, which so far lacks a catchy name—will it be a regular feature? perhaps we can look forward to short stints from other regulars?—is so far a zippy, multi-day report from YearlyKos.

They join George Packer’s blog, “Interesting Times”; Steve Brodner’s art and observations at “Person of the Day”; Andy Borowitz’s Onion-esque The Borowitz Report; Sasha Frere-Jones’s impressionistic photo blog; Alex’s Ross’s “The Rest Is Noise”; and, of course, Gladwell.com.

Though Dan Baum’s (and Margaret L. Knox’s) New Orleans Journal is now defunct, I’m glad it’s still online at the site for people to read through and respond to. Meanwhile, some of the new features have their own blogrolls; glasnost!


I have an idea for Hertzberg’s catchy blog name: “Life Hertz”!

Or “Hertz in a Good Way”?

Rik Saw? Hertz Blurbs? Rikki Tikki Bloggy? Or just Hendrik Hertzblog?

Hertzblog! Yes!

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