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Katha Pollitt and Jeffrey Toobin Read Tonight in NYC

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…at the same bookstore, but not the same location. Choose your Barnes & Noble!

Pollitt: Barnes & Noble Astor Place, 7 p.m.; her new book is Learning to Drive: And Other Life Stories (Random House).

Toobin: Barnes & Noble Union Square, 7 p.m.; his new book is The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court (Doubleday). Slate recently did an analysis of some media perspectives on the book so far.

As for me, I’ll be at Katha’s reading; she’s a hilarious reader, and I should know—I’ve been to a dozen of ‘em. Come join me! If you didn’t read her Q. and A. with Deboorah Solomon in the Times yesterday, check it out. The rest of her fall book tour schedule is here; she’s traveling throughout the country, so see if she’s got a reading or radio-show appearance near you. James Wolcott had some nice praise for Katha’s new book, Learning to Drive, on his blog yesterday: “To doubters and detractors, I would recommend the bittersweet chapter on the Marxist study group Pollitt attended in the 1990s, whose subtle intrigues and quixotic yearnings would make a wonderful play for a Richard Greenberg or A. R. Gurney.”

As always, the best way to keep up with events we think you’ll want to go to is to subscribe to the Emdashes Google Calendar. It’s free (natch) and we’re adding rashers of new events—New Yorker-related and otherwise excellent happenings—every day. We’ve also made a New Yorker Festival-specific calendar, for those of you following it, in person or in spirit. Got a listing for our calendar? Send it to listings@emdashes.com.

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