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The New Yorker’s September 11, 2006, cover is a finalist for ASME’s 2007 Best Cover Contest. The two-part cover—published on the five-year anniversary of the attacks of September 11—was illustrated by Owen Smith, from a concept by John Mavroudis, and it’s also a winning entry in PRINT’s brand-new Regional Design Annual (on newsstands any minute now). Buy the issue; it’s also got a piece I wrote about The New Republic’s recent redesign and What It Means, plus hundreds of beautiful pages of other Regional winners and, of course, many excellent articles you’ll like.

Speaking of my home magazine, we’ve got a Student Cover Competition going on, so go over there and vote! Forty-three years after the magazine’s first such competition, we’ve made it interactive. A swarm of students from around the world designed fantasy PRINT covers, and we’ve got the work of all three finalists on our website: Brandon Maddox, from Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida; Katty Maurey, from L’Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Canada; and Blaz Porenta, from the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

You choose the winner, to be featured in our April 2008 issue; the polls close November 16. Participate in design democracy!

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