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The Festival, Reviewed by Other Media Sources

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The Washington Post account of the Judd Apatow event.

An excellent Huffington Post review of the evening with Junot Díaz and Annie Proulx.

Nice tag-team coverage of several events by the Columbia Spectator, for which Emily once reviewed the debut issue of Allure, among other things.

The New York Observer calls two people conversing a “tiff.”

More sensible coverage of the Salman Rushdie and Orhan Pamuk event, plus a brief mention of George Saunders.

Enthusiast thinks the Voice’s Rose Jacobs is mistaken (and presumably never saw our take.)

This writer notes much cursing at the Apatow event (she should have heard David Milch.)

An exhaustive and worthwhile account of the Mike Mignola, Jonathan Lethem, &c. comics event.

Is On Chesil Beach a novel? Not his problem, says Ian McEwan.

—Martin Schneider


Thanks for the link. Though I had not seen your take on the Jacob’s piece until now, I think your assessment of it is absolutely correct.

Anyway, great reporting on the festival!

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