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The Elegant Joshua Henkin

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There’s a bit of mystery in Mark Sarvas’s literary blog, The Elegant Variation; its “about” information is mainly a long quotation from Fowler’s Modern English Usage, and I’m never certain whether it’s the product of one person or ten. Sometimes, novelists like David Leavitt contribute.

On November 12, TEV gave center stage to Joshua Henkin, a writer formerly unknown to me, who’s promoting his new novel Matrimony for Pantheon. Henkin responded with a whopping twenty-five posts, many of them quite long, on the related subjects of writing fiction, teaching students to write fiction, and promoting works of fiction. It’s not often that one encounters such thoughtful prose, much less so much of it posted in a single day.

Simply put, the posts are wonderful. If you are interested in the process of writing fiction, I urge you to check them out. Meanwhile, I look forward to reading Matrimony. Good luck to you, Joshua Henkin! —Martin Schneider

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