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Happy Birthday to Us!

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Today, Emdashes is three. Three cheers for three years of whatever it is we’ve been doing and will do here, God bless it. As Harold Ross might say, but he died long before the age of blogs, at which he might have looked askance. On the other hand, he might have been all for them. It’s hard to say. He’d probably blanch at Facebook. Have you read Genius in Disguise? I’m just finishing it up, and it’s a treat, whatever your level of interest in The New Yorker and the whirlwind it made. I’m simultaneously reading Victor Navasky’s funny and instructive memoir, A Matter of Opinion, and I’m proud to have worked with one of these noble men of magazines and upholders of honest journalism. That’s not to slight the women. To paraphrase Norman Mailer, every editor is a culture, and you enter deep into another culture, one that’s not your own, and you learn an awful lot from it. So three cheers for my own wise captain, too.


Congratulations, Emily! (And Martin and others!) Happy New Year to you, too. I look forward to reading and to working together in 2008.


Congrats, Emily! Keep it up and have a Happy New Year.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Emily!

Happy Birthday Emdashes! You’ve come a long way and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

If it weren’t midwinter, we could have a picnic with lemonade and badminton. Thanks so much for your moral support and contributions past, present, and future!

I meant to say, I reviewed that Navasky book for PW; I gave it a very good review. In the review (surely available on the Amazon page) I said something about how the book is pretty much req’d reading for anyone who is involved with magazine production. It really is pretty amazingly in-depth on the subject of editing a weekly periodical with a strong editorial line.

I like Victor’s descriptions of his Army base and his time at the Times, plus of course his tales of editing the original Monocle, the magazine that changed width and height according to its editors’ whims.

Congratulations! Emdashes is a great site! I particularly enjoy POTI. All the best in 2008!

Thanks, driedchar! And thanks for being such a great commenter. We really like reading what you have to say.

The POTIs are about to start up again, if our stamina prevails. The task can get overwhelming, so the key is to focus on just a few of the best moments, large or small, in a given week’s issue. We’re predisposed to like a lot of the magazine, needless to say—it’s the standouts we want to trumpet!

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