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If You Like The Complete New Yorker...

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as well you should—I use it every day, and so will you if you obtain it (perhaps as a holiday present?), even if you don’t have a blog about The New Yorker—you should know that the same company that helped create it is now responsible for the digital archives of some other magazines you may want to get to know better:
For the rock ‘n’ rollers on your Christmas list, the hippest gift you can give this year is Rolling Stone Cover To Cover: The First 40 Years (Bondi Digital, $125). All the Rolling Stone magazines from its inception to May 2007 are collected onto fully searchable DVD-ROM disks. You can find every cover story and photo. You can find all the interviews with your favorite rockers from Bob Dylan to John Mayer. You can find the serialized version of Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire Of The Vanities. The set includes more than 98,000 pages of content, easy to read and printable. Bondi also recently released Playboy Cover To Cover: The 50s ($100) collecting the contents of the first decade of the gentlemen’s magazine, which included the original three-part serialization of Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451. Bondi’s digital platform was used for the release of The Complete New Yorker in 2005.
Thanks to the Clarion-Ledger for the report. The who Clarion-Ledger? The where Clarion-Ledger? It’s always a bit of a treasure hunt on local-newspaper sites. I’ll tell you: Jackson, Mississippi (the recital of all those s’s in kindergarten really pays off later). The paper has quite an interesting history, in fact; a version of it was founded in 1837, and it’s still “one of only a few newspapers in the nation that continues to circulate statewide,” according to the website. Perhaps there will be a digital edition of its early years someday; I sincerely hope so.


What about the Complete Mad magazine, and the complete Playboy? And there is also a dvd-rom National Lampoon available now too.

Bruce RobinsonDecember 12, 2007

Every time I see the words “The Complete New Yorker” I just have to vent that I simply cannot get my discs to open up.

Ah, life….

K, have you tried contacting the Cartoon Bank? There’s a form people use to write in with problems here. Let me know if they’re able to solve your problem; I might be able to find someone to help out.

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