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Steinberg Appropriation Hunt! (Reader Participation Alert)

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Our friend Jennie, owner of one terrific Saul Steinberg homage, writes,

Have you seen the Brooklyn version of the famous view? It’s more a view of than from, but it’s on display at Prints Charming in Park Slope, on 4th Street just east of 5th Avenue. It’s by Warren Linn, if I’m reading my notes correctly.

Since Park Slope is a little bit out of our way, we’ve decided to ask our enterprising readers to verify this bit of Steinberg-spotting.

So listen up: Anyone (not just the first person) who sends a gif or jpg file of this poster to martin at the above domain will receive a handsome selection of stickers featuring obscure players from the German Bundesliga.

If you do choose to visit Prints Charming, by all means be polite and maybe purchase a small item for their trouble. Not that we expect anything less from our readership. —Martin Schneider

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