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Doesn't This Law & Order Guy Look a Little Like David Remnick?

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I know how this sounds, but I was watching a few minutes of that dreadful but hypnotic Taxi TV the other day, and there was a Law & Order promo on; the faces of a bunch of actors flashed by, and I could have sworn one of them was the jazz-appreciating editor himself. Once you really look at the guy (it’s got to be Jeremy Sisto as Detective Cyrus Lupo), it’s a little less doppelganger-y, but there’s something to it.

OK, enough silliness for today! (Here’s Remnick calming down Elizabeth Kolbert after a particularly dire climate-change report.)


You’re right, I had the same fleeting flash of false recognition — I was watching L & O out of the corner of my eye, and suddenly I thought, “what’s David Remnick doing on Law and Order?”

But this guy is kind of chunkier and rougher looking, he could be David’s thuggish little brother, Mo or Lefty Remnick.

Jeremy Sisto is a really good actor; he had an important role on Six Feet Under, playing a character with a well-nigh Remnickian intellect (although with the minor drawback of being barking mad). I’m glad he’s got a well-paying L&O gig, but honestly it’s a bit early in his career for him to be put out to stud like that. I’d prefer to see him in another HBO series or on Broadway or something.

Well, I’d never have seen Sisto in Six Feet Under, because that show was just too darn morbid for me! Made me lose my appetite for hours every time! (So it’s a relief to see him in something full of good old wholesome criminality!) Let him go out to stud! One only lives once!

Anyway, I’ve seen actors go from TV to Broadway very easily. And not even from the best shows! The dad from the Brady Bunch, Robert Reed, was excellent in Deathtrap, I recall. And Tony Randall was perfect in M. Butterfly. Doing TV shows hasn’t hurt anybody’s career lately. Worry not!

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