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In Susan Morrison, Jane Kramer, and Elizabeth Kolbert news: an NPR segment about the new book Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, edited by Morrison; the link to the show includes an excerpt from the book. Guests: Morrison, Dahlia Lithwick, and Robin Givhan. There’s a very interesting discussion in the comments of this Leonard Lopate forum on Clinton (and Clintons) in general.

In Orhan Pamuk news: two stories by my friend Sabrina Tavernise in the New York Times, one about Article 301, the law under which Pamuk was prosecuted, and another about the arrest of Veli Kucuk, who is said to have been plotting to kill the writer.

In David “Law & Order” Remnick news: I missed a story (and accompanying audio interview) in the San Francisco Chronicle about Remnick when it was first published in 2006, so I’m glad I happened on it now. Remnick discusses, among other things, his “very bad Bob Dylan jones” (I hear ya, comrade), the digital future, and the mistaken perception that The New Yorker was ever “pro-war” on Iraq.

In cartoonist news: I hope you’re keeping up with Mick Stevens’s posts on the new cartoonists’ blog.

That’s all; I’m going to hear Franz Wright read at the 92nd St. Y. If I don’t post for days, it’ll be because I’m too stunned by those bittersweet and startling creations to type.

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