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What's a Dandy, Anyway?

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As the Eustace Tilley contest continues (the deadline is January 24; hope you’re quick on the draw!), Mental Floss asks for a dandy definition. Commenters are happy to provide, and have good taste in icons, too. Take a deep breath before looking through some of the Flick images entered into the competition so far, including, for instance, this one, inspired by the “Bodies” exhibit. OK, I admit I kind of like it, though I was grossed out by idea of the exhibit itself. And this Simpsons Tilley is funny, too.

Also, I keep meaning to mention that there’s a very interesting-looking New Yorker discussion group in Washington, D.C., called TalkTNY. Here’s the club’s website, where you can learn more, including:
Based in the Washington, DC area, TalkTNY, the New Yorker magazine reading group, gathers at a cafe or coffee shop to talk about recent articles and cartoons in the magazine. We usually have between 4 to 8 articles chosen to be read in advance, along with discussion questions. Meetings are held every other week, usually on Saturdays.


I have to say my favorite is the one with the magnifying monocle that fries his head!

I take it back! I think the winner is the subway map Eustace, by Pantufla. Look at it! It’s beautiful!

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