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Happy February 21st! And What's Your Favorite Cartoonist Quirk?

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I shouldn’t have to tell you what day this is, but in case you’re still in the dark, let this lovely reminiscence enlighten you.

Meanwhile, over at the New Yorker cartoon blog, Michael Maslin has been doing a bang-up job as Cartoonist of the Month. All of his posts so far are worth reading (and seeing!); here’s his partial list of favorite things—visual, conceptual, ocular, sartorial, mechanical, typographical, architectural, nasal, and feline—about his comrades’ cartooning. Off the top of my head, I’d add Carolita Johnson’s befuddled boyfriends, Gahan Wilson’s noses (human and otherwise), Charles Barsotti’s beards, Barbara Smaller’s lamps, William Hamilton’s gravity-defying bosoms, and Matt Diffee’s pigeons, among others. How about you?


I’d definitely add Crawford’s bedroom scenes (most featuring men not getting lucky)! He’s putting together a whole book of them!

Jack Ziegler’s things falling, flying through, or appearing in thin air…Sam Gross’s frogs…Victoria Roberts’s couple…Frank Cotham’s living—rooms…and let’s not forget Michael Maslin’s own gentlefolk.

George Booth’s befuddled dogs. Roz Chast’s book titles. Lee Lorenz’s willowy babes, and his pudgy dogs impersonating people.

Carolita’s referring to Michael Crawford, in case you didn’t catch that!

A few more: Leo Cullum’s hairstyles, Mick Stevens’s mini-paintings, Victoria Roberts’s foliage…

The man in Victoria Roberts’ cartoons who is always thinking, but never speaks….

Drew DernavichFebruary 23, 2008

… and I forgot to mention the googly eyes in Michael Maslin’s cartoons …

Got to admit to a hankerin’ for Kim Warp’s fern fingers. What is up with those? So I asked her, and it’s not really a conscious act on her part. I personally have to confess to not to finishing a neck now and then. (In fact, there’s a floating head in one of my early truly loopy efforts.)

Michael ShawFebruary 25, 2008

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