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Gladwell Raises New and Troubling Questions About New and Troubling Questions

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Martin Schneider writes:

The Adam Baumgold Gallery has been on New Yorker streak lately. In addition to showcasing a number of intriguing works by Saul Steinberg, the gallery is putting on “Chris Ware: Drawings for New York Periodicals,” which features a number of New Yorker covers in the draft stage. Here are a couple of examples:


I find these images haunting; I don’t know why. I run a little hot and cold on Ware, but his technique is undeniably staggering. Judging from these images, the show provides a great deal of insight into his way of working.

The gallery is located at 74 East 79th Street, and the show runs through March 13. I can’t wait to check it out.

Meanwhile, in a more aural vein, last week’s episode (#348) of This American Life featured Malcolm Gladwell describing some prankery from his days at The Washington Post. The mp3 is available on TAL’s website, and you can also get it on iTunes. For those who don’t own iPods or are allergic to podcasts, Gladwell told a version of this story in a 1996 Slate diary.


That episode of TAL was the type that kept me sitting in the car long after I’d arrived so I could hear the end of the story. It was perverse and often baffling.

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