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Paul Noth Unlikely to Win Midwestern Delegates?

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First New Yorker cartoonist Matt Diffee pissed off Scranton, PA, although I think they forgave him eventually.

Now, Paul Noth (whom you may know as one of the masterminds behind Conan O’Brien’s Pale Force, among other things) has rattled Sheboygan with a cartoon that, as the local paper puts it, “depicts an expansive suburban landscape with a long wall meandering through it with the caption: ‘The Great Drywall of Sheboygan.’” For its part, Dubuque, which can surely take its New Yorker association for granite (as Pogo would say), seems a little miffed at being left out.

Who’s next? Martin, want to investigate which other town names have been mentioned in cartoons? (Who could forget Roz Chast’s DKNJ?) And what happens if the cartoonist is pardoned? Does he or she get a two-dimensional, Flat Stanley/Harold-esque key to the city, maybe?


As a contributing cartoonist whose in-laws are movers and shakers in Sheboygan, I’d just like to say— who will ever forget CAJ’s “I nose New Jersey”? Well, I nose Sheboygan, and it’s a swell burg.

Michael ShawFebruary 27, 2008

Yes indeed, how could I forget that famous nose? I love that one. I wonder if Noth might know of any cartoons that mention Milwaukee? I’m betting there are quite a few Westchester punchlines in the archive, not to mention all the non-Manhattan boroughs. Sadly, my New York Daily News commentary on that “exile to Brooklyn” cover a few years ago is no longer online.

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