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The editors of the good-looking blog More Intelligent Life have picked James Wood as one of their favorite book critics; my erudite former employer Ron Rosenbaum also gets the nod, and commenters grump about the exclusion of John Updike.

On their corresponding film-critic list, Anthony Lane gets the honor of the first spot. David Denby would be on my list, as would Salon’s superlative Stephanie Zacharek, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Charles Taylor, Gene Seymour, and The Nation’s prizewinning Stuart Klawans.

Also, Kevin Zacher has been shooting some cool photos of parkour people doing their climbing and jumping; if you go to his agent’s site (under “Projects”) and let the view scroll like a filmstrip, it’s almost like watching parkouring in person, and it’s quite beautiful. If you liked Alec Wilkinson’s New Yorker piece, you’ll really like this. (There’s also a video of parkour master David Belle and friends from this past year’s New Yorker Festival.)

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