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Tilley on the MTA, Thurber's "Wood Duck," and Picks of the Issues

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Here’s an elegant appreciation of the subway-map-themed entry in the recent Eustace Tilley retooling challenge. Benjamin Kabak writes: “Drawn by flickr user panutfla [Alberto Forero], the Tilley subway map evokes New York and the subways in all its glory. It is the quintessential image for The New Yorker, and while he magazine didn’t honor the underground veins of the city by placing this image on the cover, it is by far one of the most New York-centric images from The New Yorker I’ve seen in a long time.”

There’s no other way to say this—just obey me, please: Listen to Jonathan Lethem reading James Thurber’s short story “The Wood Duck.”

Also, were you wondering where my Pick of the Issue column went? Well, thanks! Me too! It’ll be back soon, with several weeks of picks, since there are several weeks of New Yorkers on your kitchen table, anyway. Don’t worry, I’m not teasing you. I have a number of issues of various magazines in my apartment, and I’ll get to them eventually. Happy weekend!


the new subway map, that will never be:

adam squiresMarch 15, 2008

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