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Feministing Takes a Crack at the Caption Contest

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Two guys are walking down the street and one of them is carrying a blow-up doll. He says…

a) one of the snappy answers the commenters at Feministing came up with for the P. C. Vey drawing in the latest Cartoon Caption Contest, e.g., “The Law Firm of DeadGuy, DeadGuy, RetiredGuy, and OldGuy presents its first female partner”; b) an entry—perhaps, most printably, “I just happen to like knit ties”—from Daniel Radosh’s reliably raucous Anti-Caption Contest for the same drawing; or c) Something hilarious you thought of, but keep in mind entries are due April 27.

Also, if you didn’t see last year’s Lars and the Real Girl, you missed something truly wonderful. Move to Top of Queue, and you’ll never see blow-up dolls the same way again. (Thanks to Katha for the Feministing link.)

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