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Spondees and Anapests Fly at Union Square Cafe, YouTube

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Martin Schneider writes:

“Word Feast” was that toothsome Talk of the Town by Lauren Collins in the May 12 issue about the versifying waitstaff of Union Square Cafe. (Seneca got beat up a bit.) It’s turning a certain Matt Gould into the kind of star that only New York can produce. Collins writes:
The biggest hit of last year’s series was a catchy rap poem written by a waiter named Matt Gould, which the bosses eventually got him to turn into a video holiday card. “Things never change or change later than sooner / Like the calamari, Billecart, filet mignon, and tuna!” Gould sings, while his co-workers shimmy on top of tables. (The Peppermill could be a new dance.)
Next, the good people of New York magazine’s blog Grub Street stated their intention to find a copy of the elusive Matt Gould holiday card. It took a mere quarter hour for a commenter to post a link to the video! (“Embedding disabled by request.”) Maybe they could combine their talents with a succulent Mark Strand special.

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