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This is very selfish of me, I know; Ryan Lizza, Hendrik Hertzberg, George Packer, Peter Boyer, John Cassidy, Jeffrey Toobin, Elizabeth Kolbert, David Remnick, and the ultraclassy Dorothy Wickenden, who would very likely get my vote for VP, surely have other things to do besides record humorous yet incisive podcasts about the state of the election, but I don’t care. I am dangerously hooked. I must have more.

I once described Emdashes as “methadone for New Yorker addicts,” for the shakes between the issues. (All due respect and sympathy here for actual addicts, to whom this feeling would be a mere bee in the bonnet when they know from hives.) But what is the remedy for the incurable New Yorker-phile whose itch cannot be scratched by the magazine, weekly-ish podcasts, website, and the pleasant tingle created by the advent of the New Yorker Festival? Also, she is very disturbed by Sarah Palin, yet, like many Americans, cannot look away?

There’s only one answer: more “Campaign Trail.” Could we perhaps wake up to fifteen minutes of the gang chatting over breakfast? Should there be an iPhone app? The withdrawal is already gripping me, and it’s only been a few minutes since my last listen. Good nurses of The New Yorker, please come to my aid.

Related: Martin, who is admirably well informed on things political, is also a fan.


The “Campaign” iPhone from Gorloch Interactive is up to the minute and it looks good too.

you can read about it on techcrunch.com or on their home page


Hello salesperson! But does it have spirited banter?

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