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The Wavy Rule, a Daily Comic by Paul Morris: Collider!

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Here’s Paul on today’s “Wavy Rule”:

Well, they’re going to switch it on, officially unveiling the thing on October 21, 2008. If you happen to have read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, you already know about the Large Hadron Collider—which does in fact exist, and was first built by Mary Magdalene after she was exiled from Jerusalem after being outmaneuvered by Saints Peter and Paul in an early example of ruthless office politics. It lies near Geneva, Switzerland.

Rössler isn’t some German-sounding name I invented out of multi-particled air. He’s a real German scientist named Dr. Otto E. Rössler who has theorized that if the Large Hadron Collider creates micro-black holes—which is a scary possibility—they could destroy the Earth by the next time the Olympics come around. Sorry, London. Sorry, Earth.


More by Paul Morris: “The Wavy Rule” archive; “Arnjuice,” a wistful, funny webcomic; a smorgasbord at Flickr; and beautifully off-kilter cartoon collections for sale (and free download) at Lulu. wavyrule_bypaulmorris_collider.png

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