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New Yorker Prehistories: Entourage, Algonquin Edition

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_A friend notes: _

The Algonquin Round Table makes Mental Floss’s fab list of “7 Entourages That Changed the World.” Lou Harry and Todd Tobias write: “We love Vincent Chase and his HBO cohorts as much as the next magazine, but we’re not going to stand idly by while they hog the entourage limelight. Those guys might make waves in Hollywood, but the following power crews made history.” Read and cheer! Then learn lots more about the sharp-edged rounders at the Dorothy Parker Society website, a treasure trove of all things Algonquin.


Thanks for the mention. That article is also part of our recent book, The Entourage Handbook (Cider Mill Press). You can find it at amazon.com, bn.com or possibly in your favorite bookstore.
Lou Harry

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