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The Wavy Rule, a Daily Comic by Paul Morris: If You're Going to Naypyidaw

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Paul writes: “From Despotism to Destination” was the name of an interesting article by Ben Carmichael for the February 2008 issue of Print. Carmichael explored how countries came up with branding campaigns to make themselves attractive to tourists. Myanmar, and its corrupt and repressive regime, has not done the same; the cartoon is my own leap into the unknown. Incidentally, Emily has pointed out that The New Yorker has been running Spanish tourism ads with the tagline “Smile! You are in Andalucia.” We weren’t sure why it’s “You are” instead of “You’re.” Any theories on that would be appreciated.

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And technically, it should be “Andalusia,” since that’s the English spelling of “AndalucĂ­a.” Hm, the ads don’t carry the accent on “Andalucia” either, so it’s doubly wrong. And what’s the dad’s hurry anyway? Can he wait for his little tyke to catch up while he gallops down the Seville streets in search of Iberian pleasures?

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