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Oh My God: Sasha Frere-Jones Unveils His 2008 List

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Sasha Frere-Jones has posted his top 18 songs and top 24 albums of 2008. Partial explanation on his New Yorker blog. My tastes and his hardly overlap, but I adore his #2 song, “Oh My God,” by Ida Maria. For some reason the list is dated December 29, 2007, which makes him look incredibly prescient!


Hello there. Tank Magazine, in England, will be running my take on “Oh My God,” in a matter of days.

The TNY blog post explains, sort of , why that list is dated December 29, 2007. That’s the date I started keeping the list, and so the list lives in that post location. If I keep making up new posts, it would be impossible for anyone to follow it via link. For instance, I started keeping my 2009 list a few days ago:


So it will say December 7, 2008, for all time.


Oh, I get you now. I dig the work-in-progress aspect.

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