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Best of the 01.26.09 Issue: Of Montreal and Drunken Mice

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Martin Schneider writes:

This issue had Drew Friedman's cover combining the visages of Barack Obama and George Washington. Candidates include Atul Gawande on health care reform, Calvin Tompkins on Walton Ford, and Ben McGrath on pessimists. We'll be expanding this post in due course!

Jonathan Taylor writes:

Ben McGrath's "The Dystopians" cheered me up infinitely, making me think at least for a while that a lot of things worrying me won't matter at all soon. The piece gamely absorbs the all-embracing view of its subjects; at every corner, there's yet another novelistic image of the future as envisioned by James Howard Kunstler, like the aspiring hedge-fund managers who are "going to end up supervisors of rutabaga pickers."


I just got off the phone with a Conde Nast (New Yorker) customer rep. She told me that they’ve been getting reports from subscribers (me included) who lost their Obama as Washington issue in the mail. Too bad, there’s no replacement issue as they ran out of copies. They’ll just extend the subscription for two weeks.

Joshua VillaJanuary 29, 2009

I liked the Ralph Steadman illustration; I really liked Gary Giddins’ Bill Frisell review; and I loved Ben McGrath’s “The Dystopians,” particularly the tour of Saratoga Springs in the company of the colorful (and somewhat cracked) James Howard Kunstler. Therefore, I award this week’s POTI to McGrath.

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