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Shanahan, Weyant Top Voice's Year-End Chortle Standings

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Martin Schneider writes:

Dramatist (and friend of Emily) Brian Parks has unveiled the Village Voice's 2008 New Yorker Cartoonist Final Standings, and the winner is... Danny Shanahan, who managed to elicit a chuckle from Parks 15 out of 23 tries, for a whopping .652 amusement percentage. The Top 5 (and the only ones to crack .500) are Shanahan, Christopher Weyant, Zachary Kanin, Farley Katz, and Paul Noth. Congrats to that quintet for pleasing a tough judge!

Parks selected Bruce Eric Kaplan's September 8 effort as Cartoon of the Year. (I preferred Parks's 5th-place finisher, by Kanin.)

The standings feature all cartoonists who had 10 or more cartoons during 2008. You could some interesting things with a list like that: calculate how many have unambiguously female names (3) or how many have names that feature a Z (5). The possibilities are endless!

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