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The New Yorker on the Kindle: We Have Visuals

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Martin Schneider writes:

One of the difficulties of writing about the Kindle is its scarcity: very few people have them, and the retailer that supplies them is virtual, so you can't even try one in the store. (And they're always sold out anyway.)

When we reported yesterday that The New Yorker had introduced its Kindle version, we were curious what it looks like. With a black-and-white display, you obviously wouldn't get a pictorial reproduction of every page, as on The Complete New Yorker or The New Yorker Digital Edition, but what would you get?

Well, now we know. Click on the thumbnail to have a look at the first page of The New Yorker, as seen on a Kindle 1.



Ugh. How ironic that an issue including the Adam Gopnik Postscript on John Updike — which notes that J.U. “never tired … of seeing his prose in Caslon type” — is also the first issue set, on the Kindle display, in, well, who knows. I’m with him.

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