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Wouldn't You Like to See New Yorker Festival Videos on JetBlue?

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Emily Gordon writes:

I flew JetBlue to Burlington, Vermont, this past weekend, and was pleased to get a chance to see for myself the airline’s much-discussed new Terminal 5, which was as clean, bright, and waggish (e.g. “OVERSIZE” in massive letters along a wall above the oversize luggage conveyor) as I’d hoped. As usual on JetBlue, I was as comfortable and amused as it’s possible to be in coach.

Although I was committed to reading printouts of Daniel Bergner’s riveting sexology investigation “What Do Women Want?”, Laura Miller’s review of Henry Alford’s How to Live: A Search for Wisdom From Old People and Diana “Stet” Athill’s Somewhere Towards the End, and a Harvard Business Review story about the curious assessment of women managers, I looked up at the little TV screen on the seat back in front of me (I’ve always loved that phrase) from time to time. Immediately, I noticed the signature colors of the New York TimesTimesTalks.

Indeed, the airline, the e-newspaper, and American Express have collaborated to invent “Times on Air,” which, as the airline’s press release says, is “the airline’s new in-flight video magazine of unique content from the newspaper’s TimesTalks events — its signature discussion series featuring journalists in conversation with today’s newsmakers and cultural leaders — along with articles and multimedia from NYTimes.com.”

This makes sense, I thought; plenty of people who take JetBlue flights either go to the TimesTalks in person or would if they lived somewhere that held them. Plenty of them would probably also watch TED videos on the seat-back in front of them. And plenty of them would surely watch New Yorker videos—from the New Yorker Festival, the New Yorker Conference, or some of the other new talks, readings, magic shows, and other stimulating entertainments the magazine is hosting or developing as we speak.

Don’t you think?? Wouldn’t you?

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