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True! Twitterers Tout, Twit "Tweedy" Weekly

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Martin Schneider writes:

One of two things will happen: Either Twitter will gain sufficient acceptance that nobody will bother being annoyed it, or it'll stop being used enough to warrant any attention at all. In the meantime, some messages:

mldrabenstott @genmarshall A weekly New Yorker equals 6-8 monthly mags. Quality, not quantity.

ljhliesl I just put a lot of staples through the New Yorker so Blake could take them out again. He is a staple-remover and a confetti-maker.

youngamerican Can anyone deny that for the last two or three months, this has been the best part of each and every New Yorker? http://bit.ly/ofuim

BananaEsq The New Yorker consistently misuses the word "insure." Please stop.

splendid Weird: Marina showed 8-sec clip of artist performing by getting rifle shot in arm; get home, open New Yorker, see article about that artist

guttersniper Going to the John Updike tribute at the NYPL tonight. Expecting tweed.

MitMoi "Editing is the same as quarreling with writers - same thing exactly" Harold Ross: American Writer, New Yorker founder

LaurenProctor32 Lauren Collins' article in this week's New Yorker is wonderfully well written. She'll always be a favorite. [I think this was referring to the article about Bill Cunningham.]

dbrauer The New Yorker's partisan cover fetish has become boring.

mrcornie Reading short story in 3/23 New Yorker & it talks of Facebook & Wii. Fascinated when new-ish pop culture phenoms start showing up in my lit.

suzannegangi Asked w/utmost respect: How old is Mr. John McPhee, esteemed author & "New Yorker" contributor? He made la crosse(!) interesting (3/23 NYer) [I wrote back, informing her that McPhee had turned 78 about two weeks earlier.]

VelocityWong My fave part of the New Yorker's Burris piece is how almost every mention of an IL pol has a parenthetical epilogue about their crimes.

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