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Martin Schneider writes:

A new issue of The New Yorker comes out tomorrow. A preview of its contents, adapted from the magazine's press release:

Philip Gourevitch, who covered the genocide in Rwanda for The New Yorker and in his book We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families, revisits Rwanda on the fifteenth anniversary of the genocide to meet with some of the people he previously profiled, and explores the unique reconciliation process that has been taking place there; today it is "one of the safest and the most orderly countries in Africa," Gourevitch writes.

Ryan Lizza goes behind the scenes at the White House to chronicle how Peter Orszag, the new director of the Office of Management and Budget, put together the Obama Administration's first budget.

Peter J. Boyer profiles Larry Jones, the racehorse trainer who trained Eight Belles, the horse that had to be euthanized at last year's Kentucky Derby, and one of this year's Derby hopefuls, Friesan Fire.

Jerome Groopman writes about new drugs, developed to treat cystic fibrosis, that may be able to correct the mutated gene responsible for the disorder.

Hendrik Hertzberg asks if it might be better to let Texas secede.

Lauren Collins talks to Dolly Parton about New York and her new musical, 9 to 5.

In Shouts & Murmurs, Noah Baumbach describes bees getting "buzzed."

Nancy Franklin reviews Amy Poehler's new comedy, Parks and Recreation.

Peter Conrad explores the work of the Portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes.

Peter Schjeldahl attends "The Pictures Generation" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Joan Acocella watches dance works by Merce Cunningham and Karole Armitage.

Alex Ross covers Esa-Pekka Salonen's farewell to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Anthony Lane reviews Il Divo and The Limits of Control.

There is a short story by Gail Hareven.

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