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Martin Schneider writes:

A new issue of The New Yorker comes out tomorrow. It is a double issue. A preview of its contents, adapted from the magazine's press release:

In "Travels in Siberia--II," Ian Frazier's trip by car across the vast expanse of Siberia continues, from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean.

In "The Price of the Ticket," John Seabrook looks at the changes in the live-music industry and the financial complications that have caused many insiders to agree that the business of live music is "dysfunctional."

In "The Courthouse Ring," Malcolm Gladwell looks at Harper Lee's classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, and reëxamines its central character, Atticus Finch, and his attitude toward race.

In Comment, Kelefa Sanneh writes about reverse racism in the wake of the recent controversy over Henry Louis Gates, Jr.,'s arrest

In The Financial Page, James Surowiecki asks why government attempts to aid troubled borrowers have failed to turn the foreclosure crisis around.

In Shouts & Murmurs, Zev Borow offers a guide to summer sun protection.

Judith Thurman explores the collaboration between Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter in the "Little House on the Prairie" books.

Alex Ross discovers new innovations in digital sound.

Nancy Franklin watches VH1's Lords of the Revolution and Woodstock: Now and Then.

Anthony Lane reviews Cold Souls and Not Quite Hollywood.

There is a story by Sherman Alexie.

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