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Battle of the Cartoonists: the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Presents Witty Cartoons for Snobs

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Pollux writes:

Matthew Diffee of The New Yorker and The Steam Powered Hour will be hosting a special event: cartoonists from The New Yorker and other publications will be competing in a Cartoon-Off!

Watch these cartoonists as they use their intellect and artistic skills as they take audience suggestions—it will be a battle of wits and quills!

The combatants will include Dan Piraro ( Bizarro ), Emily Flake ( Lulu Eightball, The New Yorker ), Drew Dernavich ( The New Yorker ), Bill Plympton ( The Village Voice , Rolling Stone , and an Academy Award-nominated animator), Paul Noth ( The New Yorker and Pale Force creator), and David Sipress ( The New Yorker ).

Two expert banjo players, Noam Pikelny and Tony Trischka, will be providing the music as the sparks and ink fly.

The event will take place on:

Sunday, September 20th
5:30 pm
Union Hall, Brooklyn, New York
Tickets are $10.00

For tickets, please click here.

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