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The "Mad Men" Files: Our Top Man

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Martin Schneider writes:

I didn't find anything juicy from The New Yorker this week, but a minor scoop relating to the fruits of Mad Men's research team (whoever they are).

When Betty Draper is at the hospital, she clamors for her own obstetrician, Dr. Aldrich. The suitably stern nurse (it is 1963 after all) assures her that while her own doctor may be living it up in New York City, Betsy will receive the treatment of Dr. Mendelowitz, "our top man!"

According to my friend Seth Davis, a native of the Westchester village of Croton-on-Hudson, New York, there really was a noted obstetrician named Mendelowitz in the area during that time—and he is still alive and well and living a couple towns away from Ossining, in Tarrytown! (Seth relates that the good doctor was reportedly delighted by the shout-out.)

Not only that, but Dr. Mendelowitz has two sons, both of whom are practicing obstetricians in the area—one of them delivered one of Seth's sons, while the other delivered Seth's other son!

Considering I'm friends with the entire Davis family, I've a lot to thank the Drs. Mendelowitz for.

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