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Prescient Post Brings New Nobelist Müller Essay Today

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Jonathan Taylor writes:

Not long after waking up and learning that Herta Müller had won the Literature Nobel, I noticed in my Google Reader that Signandsight.com, hours before the announcement, had published a translation of a recent piece by her about the lingering power of Romania's former Securitate, from Germany's Die Zeit.

Suddenly I found my file, too, under the name of Cristina. Three volumes, 914 pages. It was allegedly opened on 8 March, 1983 - although it contains documents from earlier years. The reason given for opening the file: "Tendentious distortions of realities in the country, particularly in the village environment" in my book "Nadirs". Textual analysis by spies corroborate this. And the fact that I belong to a "circle of German-language poets", which is "renowned for its hostile works".

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