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Benjamin Chambers writes:

With a few exceptions, The New Yorker has never gone in much for featuring tidbits from its past issues, but here’s one from a short Talk piece by Ian Frazier from the October 10, 1977 issue that should be highlighted in the next Style issue.

Attending a Parsons-New School lecture called “Fashion for the Consumer,” Frazier found “the most interesting part” was the slides shown by Dorothy Waxman of fashions seen on the street. Here’s the punchline:
One of the slides was of a woman stepping off a curb holding a little girl by the hand. “‘Look at this beautiful woman!’ said Dorothy Waxman. ‘Look at the stunning neutral palette of colors she has chosen&#8212the hat just a slightly brighter shade than the jacket. The colors aren’t flashy, but they really come alive. And look at that beautiful little blond girl. What a wonderful accessory!’”

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