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In Search of New Humor: David Remnick Explains

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Pollux writes:

How hard is it to find new cartoonists for The New Yorker? It’s tough, David Remnick explains, in this video posted at BigThink.com. “It’s easier for me to get somebody to go sleep on the ground in Sudan and dodge bullets in Afghanistan than it is to get something authentically funny,” Remnick says.

Remnick mentions in the video that he shared his thoughts with New Yorker writer and fiction editor Roger Angell on this difficulty of finding new humor. Angell replied that Remnick was the fifth editor of The New Yorker to make this observation, beginning with Harold Ross.

Remnick remarks that he works closely with cartoon editor Bob Mankoff to review the new batches of incoming cartoons. Finding of the humor of the highest order is exceedingly difficult. Making a living as a cartoonist is even more so.

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