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The Apartment: Carolita Johnson and Michael Crawford at Home

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Pollux writes:

It’s always interesting to see a cartoonist in his or her own environment. Many cartoonists work at home; the walls are usually covered with sketches, paintings, posters, rejection letters, and (hooray!) letters of acceptance. It’s even more interesting to see two cartoonists at home, sharing space as well as ideas.

The New York Times has a terrific Real Estate section piece on the New Yorker cartoonists Carolita Johnson and Michael Crawford, who share a 3-bedroom apartment in Inwood, New York. Their large, sunshine-flooded apartment is a place of inspiration and comfort. Cartoonists are often solitary figures, but they don’t have to be.

As Johnson remarks in the accompanying audio slide show, “It’s sort of nice knowing, while I’m in my room drawing away or trying to think of something funny, or working on some other project, that there’s someone in the other side of the apartment doing the same as me.”

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