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The Invisible Man: Finding Rea Irvin

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Pollux writes:

What does Rea Irvin look like?

In this post on the New Yorker site, Chris Ware explores the difficulties of finding a photograph of the New Yorker’s first art director.

Although Irvin’s legacy remains clear and apparent, Irvin the man remains a shadowy, elusive figure. Any student of Irviniana will share the same gratification that Ware experienced when he found a mysterious photograph of Irvin on the beach, in a meditative pose. Irvin turns out to be “an affable, rotund chap, with an unruly swoop of hair.”

With the benefit of finally knowing what he looks like, Ware depicts Irvin on an upcoming anniversary cover.

What does Rea Irvin look like? Now we know.

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