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Is "Helvetica" an Aphrodisiac?

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The movie and the typeface. I liked this account of seeing it in the theater by the designer Robert Gould, whose “I Came to Dance” Threadless t-shirt I just bought. (Thanks, Robert!) He writes in his comments section for the design:
It was very intriguing with exceptional interviews, perfect imagery and a lovely soundtrack to boot. I would NOT recommend this for a first date movie unless you are both design, type/ font nerds….. Hell, there was one part toward the end where they were showing a poster and the kerning was terrible (NAIL), you just heard ppl in the audience, including yourself, saying “KERNING!” ha, bliss, hahhaa.
Bliss is right. I’m glad I own the movie. If you haven’t seen Objectified yet, also by Gary Hustwit, do.

—Emily Gordon

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